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She's just a fucking nightmare

And there is nothing you can dare about it

23 December 1987
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* I sleep with my eyes half-closed

* I burp a lot from coke and DR Pepper

* I drive fast when I shouldn’t

* I like wearing men shorts at night

* I use fruit flavour while brushing teeth coz I don’t like the taste of toothpaste

* I can be very mean to my friends when something goes wrong, but afterwards I am the cuddliest person alive

* I love to talk about sex

* I think Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough is better than an orgasm

* I like to see a guy smoking, it’s kinda hot

* I do support gays and lesbians

* I am (thinking) bisexual since I was 16

* Sometimes I think I am more into girls than boys

* Vodka makes me loose control and being nasty

* Scratching with nails over my back makes me do everything for you

* I like when a boy takes me in his arms when I am crying – especially if he doesn’t know the reason

* I love skinny boys with skinny jeans, but I also love when a guy has strong arms to protect me

* I DO love when boys wear eyeliner and accessories

* But I do love it more, when a boy looks good during wearing 'all over the face' makeup... just like Ryan Ross does

* I am really addicted to Pete Wentz, Ryan Ross and David Desrosiers for their great personalities

* Ryan Ross is the most beautiful man I ever saw or heard of!

* I fall for boys who are emotional, talented and deep-thinking

* I like romantic, but I also can be very pissed-off by it

* Blue eyes makes me dream, brown/hazel eyes make me live

* I love reading and writing slash (fave: NC-17)

* I am addicted to icespeedway since I am 9 years old, but I am afraid to ride a motorbike on my own

* A boy has to be an asshole or kinda mysterious to get my attention

* I like to fight to get a boy’s attention

* I like the smell of gasoline

* I am diing when I have to be without my beloved care for just one day

* Once I’ve been in love with my female best friend and I still adore her

* I like singing to anime soundtracks

* My favourite movie is a gay romance

* I think Keira Knightley and Agnes Deyne are two of the most beautiful woman in the world (which doesn’t mean I support skinny girls, I just like their style, faces and beauty – they are unique)

* Jared Leto is a god in my eyes – but (for my taste) a very bad live perfomer…also I like his way to entertain the fans

* I hate Robbie Williams, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

* I have been to the german casting show ‘Popstars’ for one time

* I can be very pervert in times

* I am never interested in only one guy… except I am in deep love

* I love to be touched on my neck, palms, knees and arms

* I have more enemies than friends

* Never quit a friendship with me; you could get all of my hate afterwards

* I am very consequent if a friend tricks on me or is lying

* I could imagine to allow my future boyfriend to have sex with men if he’s bisexual – as long as I am allowed to make out with girls then ;)

* I am a secret fan of those couples: Ryan/Pete, Pete/Patrick, Pete/David but especially Pie/Dave AND Ryan/Brendon <3

* I melt away seeign pictures of Pete Wentz dressed up as Ryan Ross during a Halloween Performance in 2007

* I love to stand in the first row and have fun with a befriended boyfriend of mine – making gestures and fooling around to some lyriclines

* I hate boyband fans – almost all of them

* I am addicted to red bull and other energy drinks

* I say stupid stuff when I am tired

* I love to get compliments about my creative work

* I get shy when a boy’s saying something nice about me

* My whole village still thinks I was sleeping with some boyband members – which is totally crap. Don’t they know there aren’t just groupies in the world? oO

* I love to tell people my uncle is gay coz I am proud of it – he could kill me for that

* I love to wear boys hoodies and zippers

* I dress a bit like an emo and I sometimes like to be called an emo nut I hate people who are emo just because all others do

* Boys love to have me as their best mate

* I still think black and white are colours

* I am not watching TV a lot

* I am addicted to laptops and mobiles

* My hugest love is a BlackBerry Curve

* I have never been kissed before

* I am afraid of ledders and worms

* My first love was Jon Bon Jovi

* I can’t swim

* I always got pain in my right eyebrow when I’m on a plane

* My favourite nickname for myself is ‘Rockstar’ – some cool boys called me like that

* I become aggressive when somebody makes fun about my closest friends and ‘family’ members

* I like and hate when a male singer teases me from off the stage. But says no word when we are off stage – but it makes and interesting game

* I have never been proud of my own country

* I used to hit boys in elementary school when they were saying mean things about my weight

* I prefer talking English, cause it is more familiar to me